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4 Reasons You Should Start Leading from Your Strengths Today

The best leaders make things happen and bring others along for the journey!  I thoroughly enjoy leading. I love seeing growth, healthy change, and progress. And I love when other people make the journey together.

But at times I find myself frustrated because I didn’t do some of my work as good as people around me, procrastination on some work became a default, and I felt frustrated.

My world and self perspective was rocked when I read a book by Marcus Buckingham. I had heard his name, but I didn’t know much about him. Marcus was going to speak at a conference I was going to attend and so I thought I would read it before attending.

The book I read was The One Thing You Need to Know and what happened next has changed many of my thoughts on how I get things done. The subtitle was About Great Managing, Great Leading, and Sustained Individual Success.

The reason this was such a big deal was I was working under the premise that as a leader I needed to grow and become proficient in leading, managing, and anything and everything else needed that needed to get done.

“If you spend your time trying to be good at everything you will never be good at anything.” Rate & Conchie

I know I’m not alone in those feelings. I find good, talented leaders want to be great and meet everyone’s expectations. But that is a dangerous trap that comes with big cost personally and for your team. As a recovering people pleaser I know this well!

Once I discovered that there was a good reason why some things were so easy and why some things seemed so hard I had the key to unlock success, growth, and satisfaction.

4 Reasons You Should Start Leading from Your Strengths Today!

1.  Greater Mental Focus.

As a person with ADD tendencies, I can easily let my mind drift to multiple projects in a relatively small amount of time. When leading in my strength zone I am hyper-focused on my work. My mind is crisp and driven to move the ball forward. Your strength zone will cause you to generate increased mental work.

2.  Greater Passion.

Passion can be defined as “strong and barely controllable emotions.” When you work in your strength zone their are often strong emotions to do your best work. Your emotions push you to greatness, not pull you in the opposite direction.

It’s for this reason that college students may struggle in their basic classes and make better grades in harder classes when they are working on their required classes for their major. There are positive emotions at work.

3.  Greater Momentum.

When you are leading with your strengths you often gain better traction and eventually positive momentum. Momentum is a game changer. Unfortunately when you have it you don’t recognize it because everything is easier. But when momentum is not present it is easier to push a rope. Lack of momentum is equal to always running up hill.

3.  Greater Self Awareness.

Once you discover your strengths you gain greater insight into your entire being. A person whom is self aware is easier to live and work with.

“I’ve never met an effective leader who wasn’t aware of his talents and working to sharpen them.” Wesley Clark, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander

4.  Greater Contribution.

Ultimately, knowing your strengths allows you to bring a greater contribution to your team and organization. There is nothing more frustrating to team members than when the leader continues to do work that they are not best at. Especially, when you have enlisted or hired someone that is better equipped for the work. You slow everything down.

Jim Collins in his book Good to Great describes one of the jobs of great organizations is to get the right people on the bus. That includes you! When you know your strengths you create the most value for your team.

When possible hire or enlist to your weakness and get the right people not only on the right bus, but in the right seat on the bus. You can take your team further when you recognize the innate strengths of each person on your team.

Here are 3 resources that can help identify a person’s strengths.

Leading From Your Strengths


Click here for a great podcast that just came out with Marcus Buckingham on the EntreLeadership Podcast.

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