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Becoming a Praying Leader

Becoming a praying leader!

I still remember a quote shared in class from my professor in college, Betty Jo Mulbery, related to prayer. “The more you do in a day, the more you need to pray.”

Although true, it is often hard to practice. I like to get things done. I like to move the ball forward. And I can easily fall into the trap that lives life as “If its going to be, it’s up to me.”

So for myself and many others we can breath a sigh of relief.  Yes, I have responsibility, I have expectations, and I have things to accomplish. But God has something much bigger than my to do list to see accomplished.

Becoming a follower of Christ is related to my connection with God. Not a connection of duty, but a connection of relationship. An on-going relationship with Jesus is available to each of us.  Not a mystical encounter, but a much deeper spiritual connection.

It is often hard for a follower of Jesus to describe the peace, joy, hope, and love that the Holy Spirit will bring when stayed in consistent prayer, Bible reading, and meditation.

“God does not merely speak… He is present. Prayer is steeped in the awareness, often an awe-filled awareness, of the presence of God.”  Edmund Clowney

Connecting with God in prayer and worship brings the abstract of God into reality. Prayer changes our perspective and helps us remember what Jesus is wanting to do in us and through us.

John Calvin wrote, there is nothing worse than to be “devoid of awe.” He said instead we come to prayer “so moved by God’s majesty” that we are “freed from earthly cares and affections.”

I don’t think Calvin is saying that the circumstances of our life are unimportant or that we shouldn’t care. But I think he is saying that through prayer our hearts and minds are transformed by the greatness and fulness of God. We really can trust God no matter what.

I love the way John Eldridge describes the life of a follow of Christ.

“We have embarked on the most exciting story possible, filled with danger, adventure, and wonders. There is nothing more hopeful than the thought that things can be different, we can move mountains, and we have some role in bring that change about.”

Find a consistent time in a consistent place & talk with God.

This month will you commit to connect with God through prayer. Just carve out some consistent time in a consistent place and talk with God.

What should I talk to Him about?

Adoration and Praise- Tell Him how grateful you are for His character and attributes.

Confession- Confess your sins to Him and ask forgives. With all your heart repent and turn away, work to break patterns of behavior that are not pleasing to Him. Remember, we are becoming more like Jesus. Keep talking with Him about your actions, thoughts, and desires.

Thanks- Be thankful for the blessings, relationships, and opportunities that God has given to you. Remember, everything we have is His and we are to be the best stewards we can of those things.

Supplication and Request- The Bible says that we should make our requests to God. It’s okay to ask God on behalf of others, your family, and yourself.

We are becoming disciples. Take to time to connect with God in prayer consistently.

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