Leadership Cohorts

Leadership Cohorts are a prime place for pastors, planters, and church leaders to grow themselves and to prepare to lead like never before. Pastors wear many hats and the expectations placed on them in the ministry can be overwhelming.

Leadership Cohorts are a place where pastors can learn, grow, and build relationships with others who are trying to process many of the same challenges and obstacles.

“One of the greatest blessings a pastor can give their church is to personally be growing in their leadership and to be spiritually healthy & energized.”

  • What if pastors had a place to be completely themselves?
  • What if pastors spent consistent time with peers who helped them succeed?
  • What if pastors were sharpening their abilities to lead people and their church?
  • What if pastors had people who prayed for them and invested in their personal success?

Leadership Cohorts are this place! The place for personal growth and development. The place to find emotional energy to shepherd and lead the congregation.

Three types of Leadership Cohorts:

Local // Affinity Group // Online

Local- We have cohorts that meet in zones across the state. Email to find one near you.

Affinity Group- Children, Student, Men & Women, Missions, and Music

Online- with Rich Cochran

For information on any of these cohorts, email RichCochran@ibsa.org